The Shine Programme proactively drives the building of positive and respectful relationships within our school through our four values of Respect/ Whakaauta, Integrity/Tapatahi, Resilience/Manawaroa and Creativity/Waihanga-tanga

Our students are encouraged to be the best that they can be, not just with classroom work but also as good citizens. This means that we want them to aim high, be persevering, honest and responsible.

We want students to show respect for themselves, others and the environment. We seek to build strong relationships with our much-valued and diverse community.

The following are the agreed core values and beliefs that underpin the ‘Shine’ Programme at Avondale Primary School:

  • expected behaviours are realistic and achievable;
  • we provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment;
  • we accentuate positive, quality relationships;
  • consequences are clearly defined and students make choices knowing what these consequences are;
  • students and teachers have rights and responsibilities based on respect and fairness;
  • there is an effective partnership between family, school and community; and
  • communication is based on courtesy, co-operation and common sense.

To build a culture of respect for self and others we expect these relationships at Avondale Primary School:

  • respect and consideration for all adults and pupils;
  • care and respect of our own and others’ belongings;
  • the use of respectful and polite language;
  • keeping our hands and feet to ourselves;
  • keeping our environment clean;
  • playing safely; and
  • fair play.

These expectations form the cornerstone of respectful behaviours at our school.  The school understands that by being proactive and focusing on positive behaviours, we increase the likelihood of respectful relationships being developed. 


  • Positive, supportive and respectful input from parents or members of our community will be recognised and acknowledged in newsletters and other publications, at school functions and during day-to-day interactions.
  • Staff who model respectful relationships will be acknowledged as important role models.
  • Students who act in a respectful manner will receive positive feedback and recognition within the classroom, at school assemblies and other functions, and in forms of communication such as newsletters and the web page.

Our image of a successful learner:

The image we share of a successful future learner is a student with a strong sense of values and personal identity, confident to take the risks necessary to continue learning.

We want our students to be equipped not only with the foundation skills of literacy and numeracy, but also with a range of future-oriented attributes, including confidence with information and communication technology.

The learning experiences the school provides, often based around our school values and virtues, need to ensure students keep this image in mind.  We believe that helping students realise that having faith in their own ability will be the best guarantee for them to achieve future success.

We value:

  • Positive relationships
  • Acceptance of cultural diversity
  • Recognition of individual differences
  • Respect for self, others and property
  • Continual improvement
  • Life-long learning