Avondale Public Library



What’s on at AKOZONE Homework Centre?    

Akozone is for kids who are in Year 5-8.   The Akozone Homework Centre at Avondale Library is a place where you can: 

  • do your homework – by yourself or together with your friends
  • get help from Library staff and a real Teacher!
  • publish and print your work in colour or black and white

 But wait…there’s more!

You can also:     

  •  do fun AKOZONE worksheets or activities and win prizes!
  •  play a fun maths or spelling game on the computer    
  •  read a book on a comfy chair or beanbag  

It’s free to join the Homework Centre – all you need to do is fill in a registration form and get your parents to sign it.    

AND…if you’ve done some homework or an activity in the Library, you also get a free yummy afternoon tea!    

 Want to join AKOZONE? 

 Come down to the Library today! 

You’ll find us at 93 Rosebank Road, Avondale. 


Ph. (09) 374 1310