Welcome to Books In Homes

The main mission of this programme is to
a)    break the cycle of booklessness in homes
b)    to promote the ownership of books, enhance enjoyment of reading and reinforce the message “it’s cool to read”.
c)    to provide the opportunity for children to develop a passion for books
d)    to invest in NZ’s future and our most important asset – our children.

What does it all mean?

Our Board of Trustees have donated half the cost of the programme and Whitcoulls have sponsored the other half of the costs and the Ministry of Education the cost of one book.
This means each child in the school will receive four free books during the year, preschool family members will receive a free book on their birthday and all five year olds starting school will receive a free school reading bag containing a school starting set.
We also get other free books to give out each week to kids caught being good and certificates.
There will also be a presentation to a mum, dad and grandparent through the year at the appropriate day celebrations.
At the end of the year a book and cup also goes to the top achieving student.
We will have assemblies during the year that community role models attend to talk about the benefits of achieving and reading.
There is also a concert put on by Books in Homes that we get to see.
As you see it is all about promoting books, so we as a school are very excited to be part of this programme. watch the school claendar to see when things happen.

Click on this link to see the Books In Homes web site for parents and kids.