Health and Safety


Accidents of a minor nature are treated at the school medical room and parents will be notified if the accident is of a serious nature. It is important that the school has current phone numbers of emergency contacts. Please notify the school if your child suffers from any specific allergy. If a student has to take any medication the Ministry of Education requires the parent to sign an authorisation form. Teachers have the right to refuse to administer medication to students.  The school Secretary has a current First Aid Certificate.


If you want your child to travel to school on a bike, a Cycling to School Contract will need to be completed.  These are available at the office and basically explain the responsibility of the school, the students and of course the parents.  While the school is surrounded by very busy roads and this is a safety consideration for parents, we feel our contract does allow for bikes to be brought to school under the conditions in the Contract. We don’t allow students to come to school on scooters or skate boards – except on special occasions. Parents will be notified of these special occasions.

Crossing Roads

A teacher supervises students crossing Crayford Street after school. We do not supervise the Layard Street or Great North Road exits from the school.


The school has a Relationship Management Plan. This clearly sets out our expectations for student behaviours at all times. These are explained to the students and enforced by staff. They are based on the safety of the students, care of property (their own and others’), and consideration for other people. If students ignore these, there are clear procedures followed by staff, which includes consultation with parents when necessary. The Relationship Management Plan is available for perusal during the school day by asking at the office.


The school is equipped to deal with minor first aid matters and the school secretary holds a current first aid certificate. Parents will be notified of any more serious injuries or illness which occurs at school. It is really important to keep us informed of any change of address or phone numbers at home or at work.
Students with infectious diseases should be kept at home.
The Public Health Nurse visits every week to check the health of students who may require this and is available for consultation with staff and parents. Hearing and Vision tests are carried out regularly and parents are advised if there is a concern.
Please notify us of any sight or hearing loss, recurrent illness, operation, allergy or any other ailment which could affect your child’s learning or general health.


If your child needs to take medication you will be asked to sign a form requesting a staff member to administer the medication. This is a Ministry of Education requirement so that staff cannot be held responsible for any misadventure.
If your child is ill and needs to take antibiotics it is best for him/her to be kept at home until the course is finished.


For statistical purposes all schools are now required to collect information about whether or not children have had pre-school immunisation. Please show your child’s immunisation record card at the school office if you are enrolling a five year old child.


The school has a Sun Safe Policy and all students are required to wear the school’s regulation red hat from October through to the end of Term One the following year, whenever they are outside the classroom. These hats are available from the school office and are included on the stationery list.

Student Safety

In the interests of students’ health and safety the following items are not allowed at school: glass containers, chewing gum, sharp objects, toy guns, jewellery of value, electronic games and toys, radios/walkman.  Large sums of money or any similar/valuable items should be left at home. The school cannot accept responsibility for lost money or valuables or broken toys. From time to time students enjoy playing marbles. These are allowed at the discretion of the Principal and only the smallest and the next size up are allowed in school games for reasons of health and safety.

Leaving the School Grounds

Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds for any reason, including going home for lunch, unless the Principal’s permission has been given. If, for any reason you want to collect your child during the day, you are required to call at the office for a note so that the teacher knows that permission has been granted. Under no circumstances should parents take students from the school or playground without visiting the office first. This is for the safety of your children.

Working Parents

If you are still at work when school closes at 3.00 p.m., have you talked about these things with your child?

  • Going home with friends
  • Entering an empty house
  • Visiting other homes after school
  • Letting someone know of his/her safe arrival home
  • Answering the phone when alone at home
  • Coping with unexpected/unknown callers
  • What to do whilst awaiting your arrival
  • Making a list of useful telephone numbers

We always encourage children to go straight home first, after school, before playing with friends. It is essential that you know where your child is at all times.