General Information

Are you in our school Zone?
As of 2015, we have been advised by the Ministry of Education that any families who live outside our school zone will need to apply for a space and wait for a ballot to take place.
If you are unsure, please call the school on 09 828 8929 or come to the front office and we can clarify any questions or concerns you may have.
Below is our current school zone.

Zone for Ultranet

Pre-school children may be enrolled shortly before their fifth birthday and we need to see a birth certificate or other official documents showing the name and date of birth. A copy of their immunisation certificate is also required. Copies of the documents are required to be kept for school records. Pre-school visits are a really important part of transitioning children into school and we welcome parents arranging these. Just see Yvonne in the office. 
Personal Details, Addresses and Telephone Numbers
We really value having up-to-date contact details, so it is appreciated when you let Yvonne in the office know if your telephone, email, address or emergency contacts change.  This is important if we need to contact you in an emergency and remember that any information you give us remains totally confidential.
School DonationWe have opted into the Minstry of Education Initaitive.  As of 2020, we will not be requesting a school donation from our school community

After School Care
Kelly Club operates after-school care Monday to Friday, 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. in the Avondale Primary School hall.  For more information, contact the school office on 828 8929 or contact Amanda Beaver of Kelly Club on  021 120 5575 or by email at 

Kelly Club also runs before-school care and holiday programmes on-site.

Kelly Club offers excellent before and after school care for your child.

School Hours/ Bell times
8.55 a.m.         School commences
9.00 a.m.         First learning block begins
10.00 a.m.       School assembly on Mon (Hall) and Fitness on Tues – Fri
10.30 a.m.       Morning break
10.45 a.m.       Students & teachers return to class for a prompt start to second learning block
10.50 a.m.       Second learning block begins
11.50 a.m.       Sit down lunch
12.00 p.m.       Students released for lunch break
12.30 p.m.      Students & teachers return to class for a prompt start to the third learning block
12.35 p.m.      Third learning block begins
1.35 p.m.        Afternoon break
1.50 p.m.        Students & teachers return to class  – SSR & Milk
2.00p.m.         Fourth learning block begins
3.00 p.m.        School concludes

If your child is absent or likely to be late for any reason,  you can ring the office on 828 8929, let us know via email or download the school app.   Students who arrive at school after 9.00 a.m. need to go to the office and check in with us before going to class.  Notes explaining absences are always appreciated and can be given to the classroom teacher or dropped into the office.  If your child is not present when the roll is taken just after 9.00 am, and we haven’t heard from you with a reason, you will get a text or email reminding you to contact the school.  We appreciate your cooperation with this as it is vital that we have good lines of communication around attendance and absences.  If you are planning to take your child out of school for extended periods – for example, going overseas – we have a form for you to complete at the office.  This covers you in terms of legal requirements.


If you want your child to travel to school on a bike, a Cycling to School Contract will need to be completed.  These are available at the office and basically explain the responsibility of the school, the students and of course the parents.  While the school is surrounded by very busy roads and this is a safety consideration for parents, we feel our contract does allow for bikes to be brought to school under the conditions in the Contract. We don’t allow students to come to school on scooters or skateboards – except on special occasions. Parents will be notified of these special occasions.

There is limited parking space at the main entrance and we ask that parents don’t enter the school grounds in their cars between 8.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.  This is a safety issue as children do occasionally cross through the car park. There are parking spaces on Crayford Street, Geddes Terrace, and Layard Street. However, parents using Layard Street are reminded of the One Way Street Rule.  There are also some time limitations on parking so take care not to get a ticket!

A whole school assembly is held at 10.00 a.m. each Monday to celebrate the previous week’s successes and prepare for the week beginning.  From time to time other special purpose assemblies may be held. Parents are welcome to attend any of these assemblies.

Illustration of Children Out Camping

Each alternative year part of our Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) is in the form of a school camp for the Year 5 / 6 Senior Students. Parents are encouraged to be involved in this part of their children’s educational experience which provides opportunities for learning, personal growth and social development not possible within the classroom.

Class Organisation
The school is organised into three areas – Tui (Years 1/2), Kea (Years 3/4) and Takahe (Years 5/6).


The school makes every effort to let you know what is happening. These are some ways in which we try to share information with you:

  • A fortnightly newsletter
  • Special notices about class activities
  • Hui and Fono
  • Meetings to share information about the curriculum
  • Board of Trustees meetings
  • Parent/teacher conferences in Terms 1 and 2, with student-led conferences in Term 3.
  • Written reports at the end of Term 2 and the end of the year
  • Bi-annual Art Shows and Concerts
  • Special curriculum-related events – e.g.  Maths Week
  • The School Web Site
  • Our Friends of Avondale Facebook page
  • Our School App

Newsletters are sent home every second Thursday, starting in week 2 of each term.  You will also be able to read this on our website.
If you have any questions about our school, we welcome questions. Ring the office on 828 8929 or by email