Avondale Primary School Learning Programme


The school follows the National Curriculum as prescribed by the Ministry of Education at present. The seven essential learning areas are English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology, The Arts, Physical Education and Health and Languages(Yr 7 up).

Our major focus is on Literacy and Numeracy in accordance with national priorities. The school employs specialist teachers for teaching ESOL and reading.   Over this year we are developing the Avondale Curriculum.  This is a unique way to deliver the National Curriculum and is aimed at bringing learning alive for our families.  We deliver this curriculum through an integrated , inquire approach that we call  Ako me pehea te ako (learning how learning works).  We support our students to use key thinking skills to inquire about their learning and facilitate this approach through all units of work. We integrate the curriculum into our units of work, with Maths, Health and PE and Reading often also standing alone.

Participation in School Activities 

Physical Education activities are part of the National Curriculum. It is expected that all children take part in all these activities unless there is clear evidence of a health problem. A note from parents is required to explain the reason for non-participation. For long-term exclusion a medical certificate is required.


The school has a computer suite of 26 computers,  digital cameras, data projectors and  three servers. Classes are timetabled into the computer suite and work here is integrated into the class  studies. All rooms have several computers and are on a wireless network.  All teachers, support staff, students and their parents are required to sign an Internet Safety Agreement. Classrooms all have one or two networked computers and wireless connection for teacher and student laptops.


Sport is an important part of the physical education programme and each child is expected to take part and to learn skills to the best of their ability. Opportunities to play against other school teams occur throughout the year.

Reporting to Parents

We are committed to sharing students’ progress with parents and caregivers. Interviews are held in Term One so that families and staff can get to know each other.  At the end of Term 2 Student Learning  Profiles are posted home. Beginning in 2014 we have a new way to set student learning goals.  Early  in Term 3, parents will have a workshop with the teacher and collaborate with their children  to set learning goals for the Term.  The students will then run  conferences at the end of Term 3.  At these student-led workshops, parents will hear directly from their children how they have gone toward meeting  their goals.  At the end of Term full Student Learning Profiles will be posted home.