Our library is open every school day for teachers to take their classes into the library. Students are able to return and select books, watch videos, go online and search the library data base, search on the world wide web when instructed, sit quietly and enjoy picture books, chapter books, fiction and non fiction books.



 We think we have a cool library and if you check out the children there every lunch time when it is open you will see why. We can also play great games, or just have some quiet time out. It is open each lunch time from 1p.m. – 1.30p.m. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays, senior students can return and have books issued to them.


Senior students can take two books out at a time and they are able to take them home. Any student who loses or damages a book, will be asked to contribute to the replacement of the book.
Junior students can get one book out at a time. They cannot take their book home.





Here is a good online site for those with questions to ask:

Good sites for parents or teachers to use with students are: